About ThinLine Saddle Pads Horse Tack

We deliver a simple and honest  connection with horses.

It is through difficulties that we find great solutions


A grass roots company started by a chance encounter with an engineer who was developing thin shock absorbing materials to protect athletes.  The love of horses drew the entrepreneur (Elaine)  back into the industry where she worked at a riding program and competed in Dressage. It was while she was riding Lipizzaners that she discovered ThinLine. “I was riding these wonderful baroque horses, but was having a horrible time with saddle slippage and keeping my horse comfortable.  I came across this foam and  Voila! No more saddle slippage, but that was just the beginning of the story”.

“As I continued to use the simple sheet of foam I noticed not only how much better the show horse was going but also how much it easier to was to sit the gaits. More importantly: A retired race horse was in my care and while the horse was rattled daily he was much quieter with the ThinLine. With the affect of these two horses it became a personal mission to ensure every horse owner could know about this amazing saddle pad.” It has been a magical adventure. It makes every horse and rider happier and more comfortable.


What are the Effects of ThinLine Tack?


“The manner in which this product absorbs motion encourages  horses to move through the back,” Elaine explains. “We receive stories daily of how ThinLine saddle pads have improved a horse’s movement or a rider’s ability to sit their horse’s gaits. These riders tell us they have little or no back strain and that their horses are working better and happier. It’s a two-way street of comfort,  preventing problems, resolving challenges and just having better communication.”


What is ThinLine?


ThinLine incorporates a unique, open cell technology which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shock absorption.  But don’t let all the testing and technology get in the way of what really happens; happier horses and more comfortable riders.

What are some additional features? The trademark open cell technology also makes ThinLine horse tack 100% breathable so heat and moisture are not trapped. An anti-microbial agent is also infused into  ThinLine girths and horse boots. Because ThinLine doesn’t compress or slip, pressure points created by movement in the saddle or challenges associated with working muscles are nearly eliminated.  It also has more longevity than any other product on the market. Many people get more than a decade out of a basic ThinLine Pad.


Why Buy ThinLine


  • Is your back sore after riding?

  • Do you wish you could sit quieter and make your aids more subtle?

  • Does your tack move?

  • Do you wish for better contact?

  • Is impact, shock absorption, important to you?

  • Do you wonder if your saddle fits well even between custom fittings?


If you answer yes to any or all of these questions we hope you will try  ThinLine.

With our money back guarantee you can see and feel the difference.


Performance Enhancement for Horses: ThinLine

You want horses to work with maximum comfort. ThinLine distributes impact, weight, and heat so quickly your horse will become more comfortable during work. Add ThinLine’s anti-slip abilities (found on all products), and you will see your horse develop his confidence and balance.


Performance Enhancement for Riders: Ultra ThinLine

Even the best riders know there is always room to get closer to perfection. If your seat could be quieter, why not? Ultra ThinLine stabilizes the rider; creating quieter seats leading to better communication and improved harmony.


Therapeutic Benefits for Horses & Riders:

If a saddle pad is working for a horse, the rider should feel it in their back too. ThinLine is the only product endorsed by Spinal Surgeons.  Shock absorption works laterally rather than recoiling back into the riders and horses’ spine. It is sold and endorsed by veterinarians, equine chiropractors, saddle fitters and equine massage therapists’ around the world.


Saddle Fitting & ThinLine Shims

Because we know saddle fit is critical to keeping horses comfortable ThinLine 90% of our pads shim.  Add shims ThinLine or Ultra ThinLine inserts to help adjust saddle fit. Feel free to stack them!

Front  – for Wither Relief  Rear – lift the cantle  Bridging  –  the sway back

Why Buy ThinLine? – To Create a Better Bond with your Horse.