Care Instructions





ThinLine Sheepskin products are made with 100% medical grade merino wool on a real (non synthetic) hide.

Care Instructions

Washing Sheepskin – Wash by hand in cold or luke warm water using a mild soap (Eucalan).  Avoid using Melp or Woolite. Rinse  thoroughly with cool water and gently remove excess water. Air dry.


Drying Sheepskin – Air dry with sheepskin facing up. Do not use direct heat or direct sunlight. To prevent shrinkage, stretch the skin while drying. When dry, brush up fleece with a course pet brush.

Tack: Use ThinLine Cleaners or a mild dish soap and water.  If you need to condition leather use a paste conditioner. ThinLine needs only to be cleaned not conditioned.

Cotton Saddle Pads Machine wash cold water. You may bleach the white ones.

Felt: We like EZ all.  Hose, scrub, hose.

Horse Boots: Cobra SMB, Sport Boots and Open front jumping boot may be machine washed, cold water, hang to dry.  Italian Leather jumping boots: use ThinLine Cleaners.

ThinLine warranties all products for one year if cared for properly.  Ride and enjoy.