Booster Shim Pack

Booster Shim Pack


Have a favorite shim-able Ultra Thinline pad?
Boost your riding!

But you’re looking for more back or impact protection on a particular day?

And you want all this without changing your saddle pad or saddle fit?

Just like you, our Top Ranked Riders have asked how can they add more cushioning to their favorite Ultra ThinLine pads?

It’s easy with the ThinLine+ Full Booster Shim! We developed a new protective thickness!

Place the shims from the ThinLine+ Full Shim Booster Pack into your shim-able Ultra ThinLine pad, you’ve now created the maximum in equine back and impact protection!

By adding this .20 inch (5 mm) shim to any Ultra ThinLine pad, it changes that pad from an Ultra Thinline (3/16″) to ThinLine thickness (1/4″)(6.35 mm)
Removeable Booster Shim Creates ThinLine Plus

Here’s how:

-Start with your favorite shim-able Ultra ThinLine pad.

-Use the shims from our new ThinLine+ Full Shim Booster Pack and add them to create the extra ThinLine support you need.

-Remove the shims when you don’t need them.

-Makes two great pads out of your current Ultra ThinLine pad.

ThinLine+ Full Shim Booster Pack!

-ThinLine+ Full Shim Booster Pack comes with two full shims (Pair) one for each side.

-It will slide into the shim pocket of your current pad.

-Booster pack shims will fit all ThinLine pads manufactured after 2019. (we can purchase older model shim packs for you)

Available for English and Western pads.

Transform Your Favorite Ultra ThinLine Pad into a Full-Thickness ThinLine + Plus Pad with the Booster Shim.

Full Booster Shim-Make It ThinLine + Plus! – Boost your riding!