Comfort Grip Western Trail Rein

Comfort Grip Western Trail Rein


Relaxation with instant grip when you need it is the hallmark feature of the Comfort Grip Western Trail Rein.

Eight plus feet of braided cotton is balanced with 31 inches of the famous ThinLine non-slip material in the center and finished with stainless steel scissor snaps.

This is a single rein; frequently called roper reins, roping reins, contest reins. It is one continuous rein that attaches to the bit at each end.

ThinLine is a non-slip foam with extreme durability.  It molds to your hand, allowing you to ride relaxed while providing extreme grip at a moment’s notice! The uncanny way the hand never slips from the rein keeps horsemen dedicated to riding with ThinLine reins. For trail riders, this rein will serve as a “keeper” in your tack box.  Endurance riders will never forget how they made the day so much more comfortable, safe and secure.