Full Sheepskin Endurance Round Skirt Saddle Pad

Full Sheepskin Endurance Round Skirt Saddle Pad

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Full Sheepskin Endurance Round Skirt Saddle Pad

Protection for your horses’ back does not get any more important than long distance horses need. A panel of ThinLine Shock absorbing breathable foam is sewn onto the base product, sheepskin in this pad. In addition to the best protection for your horse there is a pocket to place shims for saddle fit adjustment if needed.

This pad has done Tevis Cup many times and even Mongolia. If you are an endurance rider rest assured this is the best product you can buy for yourself or your horse.Valerie Kanavy Rider

Ultra ThinLine is sewn on top of the high quality cotton with medical grade sheepskin under the rounded skirt. Underneath the Ultra ThinLine layer is a pocket to insert shims to help with minor saddle fit adjustments. This is one of the finest ThinLine products we have produced.

Breathable ThinLine technology helps to keep backs cool. The best shock absorption on the market keeps horses as sound and comfortable as you can make them.

You will see and feel an increased performance in how horses lift their backs. Riders will sit closer, quieter, and will be able to do more longer and faster.

The Endurance Sheepskin pad measures 25.5″ along the spine with a 14″ drop from the center of the spine.