T/L Western Square

T/L Western Square


Basic ThinLine Saddle Pad Benefits:

  •  Ultimate protection for both horse and rider’s backs.
  •  Non-slip properties.
  •  Perfect for custom and well-fitting saddles.
  •  It provides maximum shock absorption without altering saddle fit or rider feel.
  •  Improves rider equitation.
  •  Open-cell technology creates 100% breathability.
  •  Product durability – this foam saddle pad can last 7-10 years.
  •  Molds for a custom fit when warmed to body temperature.

ThinLine 3/16″ (the thinnest) is designed for skilled riders or riders with sore backs.

ThinLine+Plus 1/4″ – is designed for beginning riders, horses in high impact situations, or horses with sore backs.

Why should you purchase a Basic ThinLine pad instead of a shimmable ThinLine Pad?

$ Price and Longevity– The ThinLine foam will last for up to 7-10 years, depending on use. Basic pads will cost you less than $1.00 per month.
Versatility– Basic pads may be placed over any other saddle pad and may be used on multiple horses.
Maintenance– Basic pads require no care or washing.
Saddle Fit – For use with well-fitting saddles when you would like to offer your horse the best in comfort and protection.

  • Sizing

    30″x 30″

    32″ x 30″