ThinLine English Reins

ThinLine English Reins


Provide your horse with the softest and most secure connection with our specially designed Reins.

Quiet stability of hand-to-bit contact is the key goal of all riders. The challenges of holding a rein can create tension. When the hand is tense, this tension moves from the hand all the way up to the shoulder. Losing a rein in a key moment is something we all wish to avoid. Our rubber grip style reins, wrapped in no-slip ThinLine, allows riders to have a soft, comfortable yet secure grip which translates to an elastic, sure connection to our horse.

While initially developed for riders with arthritis, riders of all levels love the improved elasticity and connection with their horses when riding with ThinLine English reins.

The ThinLine rein is durable and guaranteed to improve communication and confidence with your horse.


  • Sizing & Style

    Rein Options-

    Two sizes:  Horse (54″) Warmblood (60″)

    Bit ends: stud hook and buckle end

    Hand stops: with or without

    All reins come with martingale stops.  If you do not need this, you may remove it.

    The option titled “reins with stops” means there are bands of leather sewn onto the handheld portion of the reins. Often called hand stops.