Western Cotten Liner

Western Cotten Liner


Western Cotton Liner Pad

Western Cotton Liner Contoured Wither - impact protection. Use alone or with your show pad on top. Protection and comfort, shims available for saddle fit.

Saddle Fitting with the Western Non-Slip Saddle Pad Liner.

Full saddle fitting shims are available when you select your pad size. These may be used as-is to double your protection or trimmed into pairs of front, bridging, and rear shims to customize your saddle fit.Not all riders need shims for their pad. Many minor saddle fit issues will be solved with just the ThinLine pad alone. If you are trying to solve issues such as bridging, filling in behind high withers, or balancing the saddle, to name just a few, ThinLine shims will fix those issues while also providing additional protection. The Cotton Western Liner is one of our thinnest pads.

  • Sizing

    Medium  28″ spine length |   14″ drop, 9 inches of Ultra ThinLine drop.

    Large  31.5″ spine length | 15″ drop | 8.75 inches of Ultra ThinLine drop